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Financing Information

Financing Info

Financing Tools and Shop Equipment Just Got Easier with Crest Capital

Need tool or equipment financing? Now taking advantage of our low prices is easier than ever before, with financing through Crest Capital. On purchases $5,000 and up use the link below, you choose the length of terms and the rates are lower than you might expect. With Crest’s no hassle aplication process, no financial statements or tax returns are required, just a simple online application. Apply now and get approved in minutes, you choose loan or lease between 24 to 72 months.
Complete the Application and Fax it to Crest Capital at 1-888-391-6728
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Free, No Obligation!

Advantages of tool financing/leasing

  • Keep more of your cash in house for working capital
  • Greater flexibility / fewer restrictions than typical bank loan
  • Tax Advantages (especially the Section 179 deduction)

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Financing available from SNAP:
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